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Professional Career Training in Barrie

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Video Game Design Program

As essential members of a video game development team, professionals in this field are responsible for envisioning and crafting the storyline, characters, dialogue, and rules that make up a video game.

For those with a passion for video games and a strong work ethic, the Video Game Designer program in Toronto could be an ideal opportunity to turn their creativity into a sustainable and rewarding career.


Get the Details!

Start your journey toward a new career today by requesting program details.

Safe & Effective Education During Covid-19

Invest in Yourself & Your Future Today

Oxford College is open and actively helping students pursue their goals through safe and innovative distance education. Here’s how we can help!

  • New Online Learning Resources
  • Remote Support from Staff & Instructors
  • Virtual Tours & Admissions Interviews
  • Ongoing Career Support Services

We are dedicated to the safety of our community and to helping motivated individuals get the skills, training and support they need to pursue their professional goals. We understand the many challenges our students are facing. Oxford is here to be your partner through these unpredictable times.

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

 In the role of a Video Game Designer, you will collaborate with a team to create and execute concepts for video games. Possessing knowledge of web development, graphic design, and programming can prove invaluable in this career, but an unwavering passion for the video game industry is an absolute must.

The Video Game Designer program offers comprehensive training that equips you with the skills and self-assurance necessary to thrive in a fulfilling design career. Through practical, hands-on training and tailored career guidance, you'll feel fully equipped to pursue your professional aspirations upon completing the program.

Why Become a Video Game Designer

Competitive Salary

Video Game Designers’ salaries reflect the demand needed for knowledgeable and skilled professionals. According to the Job Bank of Canada, the median hourly wage for Video Game Designers is $30.00 per hour**. With additional experience or specialization, you could earn up to $49.00 per hour**.

Do What You Love

If you already enjoy playing video games, then a career as a Video Game Designer could be an excellent opportunity for you. When you are a passionate player, you can use your knowledge to create the type of games that players want to play, which can improve your career prospects. You’ll have the pleasure of working in an industry that you’re passionate about.

Stimulating Work

The video game industry is always changing. As a Video Game Designer, you will face daily challenges that involve critical thinking to solve a variety of problems. There's never a dull moment, and you'll have the opportunity to learn throughout your career.

Express Your Creativity

As a creative industry, video game design can be appealing to those with high creativity levels. This is a field that allows you to use your creativity, imagination and artistic talents in a way that can be both personally and professionally rewarding.

Get Program Details

Click the button below to request details about our Video Game Designer Program including:

  • Career Prospects
  • Start Dates
  • Tuition Costs
  • Funding Options


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There are several reasons why studying to become a Video Game Designer is a great idea. 


We understand that our students have busy schedules, and so we offer flexible start dates for our Video Game Designer program. You don't have to wait for traditional class start dates to begin your career training - you can start today!


We offer complementary pre-enrollment classes in ESL to ensure that all our students have strong English language skills needed for success in their program and career.


Our career resource center provides ongoing support to both current students and alumni. We help you develop professional skills and find employment in your field at all stages of your career.


We have a supportive culture that embraces diversity. Whether you are re-entering the workforce, coming out of high school, new to Canada, or seeking a career change, you will have a support team and a community of peers working together to help you achieve your career goals..

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Oxford's Mississauga Location


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Oxford's Scarborough Location


Convenient Location

Oxford's Toronto Location 


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 The Video Game Designer program is designed to prepare you for a fulfilling career in the video game industry. With a focus on both the artistic and technical aspects of video game design, our program provides you with the programming and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in this dynamic field.

As a Video Game Designer, your responsibilities may include conceptualizing projects, interpreting design specifications or sketches, preparing page layouts and lettering, and creating production materials for press, electronic, or multimedia publishing. Throughout the program, you will develop a portfolio highlighting your industry-ready skills and accomplishments.

Throughout the Video Game Designer program, you will learn how to:

  • Utilize computer software to capture and manipulate elements such as titles, text, drawings, illustrations, graphics, lettering, and color harmonization.
  • Create computerized images and drawings.
  • Digitize images using peripherals and transform them using retouching systems, graphic palettes, or specialized software.
  • Draw, paint, or layout letters, figures, logos, and designs for various mediums including windows, advertisements, billboards, vehicles, books, and publications using specialized software or painting equipment.

And more!


Career opportunities for Video Game Design program graduates include roles such as Video Game Designer, Animator, Character Designer, Audio Designer, Level Designer, Storyboard Artist, Technical Artist, Texture Artist, and Game Developer. You may also choose to work as a freelancer or be self-employed.

Is a Rewarding Career in Video Game Design Right For You?

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